Monday, June 25, 2012


Yosemite is an amazing place. The views were outstanding. However, what you don't see in these pictures is that there are TONS of people everywhere. I am very glad that many people wan to see  a national park, but as some point it felt like an amusement park. Yosemite valley was incredibly packed with people. We don't take pictures of people so here are some really cool scenery pictures. The place is breathtaking.

We came into Yosemite from the east on the Tioga Road, near Mono Lake. I would recommend staying in that area. June Lake is a very small fishing town with few people.  But you get the mountains and nice views. Below is Toulumne Meadows near the east entrance to Yosemite.

This is Tenaya Lake it is also near the east entrance to Yosemite. The rain clouds had just rolled in and gave us a neat view.

As you start to drive west you start to get glimpses of the Yosemite valley.  In the background you can see half dome.

We drove up to Glacier point first to get a really good view of the Yosemite valley and there were stunning views after stunning views.

Here is a view of Yosemite Valley you can see all the buildings down there! Lots of people!! :)

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